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princenjay Featured By Owner May 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
princenjay Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha wow u suck... there isn't a SINGLE furyr on this entire account, 0/10
zezazozo Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2016  Student General Artist
sweetie, you are literally so out of line it’s fucking unbelievable. i could drag you so hard right now but i know you’ll just end up crying. i’ve roasted you before and you know it. chances are you’ll just say i bullied you because you’re gay and have different skin. talk shit get hit, you don’t wanna mess with me kiddo; i’ve got a black belt. i know threats are fucked up but that’s all i’ve been receiving all day, probably from her royal hoodrat olive and all of her nasty friends. but you can gang up on me and make fun of me for being goth all you want. i’ve been hurt a lot. my first boyfriend cheated on me, my dad screams if i forget to do my chores, and there are some days i don’t even want to get out of bed in the mornings. i’m a jaded teenage girl. i’ve been through shit that you wouldn’t even dream of. you think your life is hard? try asking the cutest guy in your grade out in the middle of the cafeteria only to find out he has a fucking girlfriend. you don’t know my life or my story so keep my name out of your nasty mouth. life is a battlefield and it looks like i’ve already won.
princenjay Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No. No. You just wait a FUCKING SECOND. What the fuck did you just call me? WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST CALL ME? I'll have you know I'm a yaoi fangirl and PROUD. You don't INSULT me. And by the way, no. No, it's not "gay." Do you even KNOW where that came from? Japan. "GAY" CAME FROM JAPAN. THE PROPER TERM FOR "GAY" IS YAOI. Just because I'm eleven doesn't mean that I can't be a perv. I'm mature. I write yaoi fanfiction. I have many people who like my yaoi posts on and deviantART. I read yaoi every day. Yaoi is my life. I couldn't live without yaoi. I would die without it. I know everything about yaoi sex. I'M NOT STUPID. I read my first doujinshi when I was ten. I'm NOT like the other kids, SO STOP SAYING THAT I AM. I'm sick of it. I'm so fucking sick of all of it. I'll have you know that I knew what a penis does when I was NINE FUCKING YEARS OLD. NINE. I WAS FUCKING NINE. I BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW WHAT A PENIS WAS WHEN YOU WERE NINE. I type with proper grammar, and you don't. You aren't better than me. You don't even use the right word for yaoi. It's not gay. Do your research. By the way, gay porn is disgusting. It's nothing like yaoi and it's unrealistic, and gross. The ukes are usually not even shorter than the seme. It's disgusting. Fuck all of you. I'm eleven and I'm not "stupid" because I actually know the origin of yaoi and you don't. Fuck you. Fuck off
zezazozo Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2016  Student General Artist

im sorry, you must not know who i am.
im joey. the cosplay elitest. and i dont have time for talk of cosplay that isnt canon.
i cosplay hard. i cosplay with passion. and i cosplay correctly.
this is a passion. this is a talent. and this is somthing i do not have shit-heads suggest for me to “hey dude do this” casually with no reasoning behind it.
im 5'5. 
the batter is not 5'5. his head is not proportionate to a 5'5 person.
i am young and cute and feminine looking.
he is not child-like or feminine in appearance.
i am 120lbs or less and cant gain weight no matter how hard i try.
Zachary is either wearing a thick sweater or is heavier-set than i am. much thicker than i could pull off.
and once again... i dont wear masks.
i dont believe in cosplaying something 'canon' that dosnt even require someone to LOOK the part.
so NO. "uh". you can shut your little gaping mouth before ANOTHER little fact-fly flies on in there, you special little snow flake~

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